Consulting for the Packaging Industry


Efficiency is always sought after in business. Most businesses that deal with packaging and packing processes can experience problems with the efficiency of their operations:
  • production lines may not be as productive as possible
  • equipment often requires unforeseen maintenance or adjustment
  • costs are higher than expected


While historically, the task of attending to these problems have been handled internally by most businesses, BSR Engineered Systems stands out in our commitment to assisting businesses with these issues through our consulting services.


Over the years, as part of providing independent packaging system support, BSR Engineered Systems Inc. has been privileged to work with numerous companies. Through our consulting services, we have addressed problems in efficiency that plague companies both large and small, and provided them with creative and effective solutions to their packaging problems.

Providing Expertise


BSR provides the expertise in identifying opportunities for improvement, along with specific, detailed recommendations for major, sustainable enhancements in efficiency, productivity, and cost control. Our consulting services are personalized, providing as much assistance as the client desires, whether that be complete-system and project management, to complementing the client’s other resources. We’ve provided services including:


  • Machinery Review and Analysis
    • This review includes detailed studies of our client’s packaging equipment (or equipment that is being considered for purchase). We assist in determining the feasibility and economic viability of the equipment for:
      • Handling new packaging requirement
      • Automation possibilities
      • Increase reliability and reduction of time for changeovers between products
      • General increases in production efficiency
  • Packaging Material Review and Analysis
    • The interface and interaction between the materials and the equipment is particularly important. Making sure our clients have purchased the best possible match of equipment and materials is a specialty of ours.
  • Production line Review and Analysis
    • We provide a critique of the client’s existing line layouts and provide innovative alternatives to increase efficiency.
  • Training of Maintenance and Operational Personnel
    • We train client employees on the importance of utilization of packaging equipment. We provide these training sessions both at our facility, and on-site at clients plants.

Reliable Service

Our first hand exposure to a vast array of equipment at many different companies and within many different industries has broadened our knowledge and experience. This allows BSR to better service our clients, and remain knowledgeable in current packaging practices.


Please note, because we have clients that are direct competitors in our industry, we must keep information confidential, regardless of whether or not their was a signed confidentiality agreement involved. We have earned a reputation as a reliable, and confidential service provider, and we will maintain this position.


We look forward to collaborating with you on how to make your packaging operations more profitable, affordable, and efficient.