“Because of the nature of the contract packaging business, our requests for help always seemed to take place late on Friday afternoons. We sincerely appreciated the many sacrifices your people made in these situations. Many times driving after work or on a Sunday to be here for an early morning start up. This type of service is not always offered by competitors and is certainly a major consideration for us when we decide who to work with for rebuilding services.” David, Packaging Division Incorporated

Rebuilding equipment, or renting rebuilt equipment, is a great alternative option for packaging equipment. It requires less upfront capital and the delivery time takes much less than with new equipment.

Rebuilding Equipment can Lead to Success!

Starting a rebuild, BSR can rebuild from the ground up or refurbish as needed or required by the client.  All components are inspected and if found damaged, badly worn, or out of date they will be replace with new or rebuilt components.

Rebuilds are often comprised of a complete mechanical and electrical overhaul of the piece of equipment. Items such as motors, vacuum pumps, solenoid valves, photo eyes, belts, chains, sprockets, air cylinders, bearings, bushings, etc,  we will rebuild the equipment to our clients specifications.

Rebuilds may significantly upgrade major components of the equipment to meet the client’s requirements. For example, if a client wishes to upgrade the safety components on a piece of equipment to meet todays standards we can do it.

Rebuilding equipment can lead to success, saving our clients both time and money which can be spent on other projects.

Interested in our Rebuild Service?

Typically, the cost for rebuilding equipment runs in the range of 60% to 70% of the cost of new equipment, often times including a limited warranty or full warranty of that of new. In addition to costing significantly less than new equipment, rebuilt systems are delivered sooner than new equipment.

Often times Clients cant wait the nine to twelve months for a new piece of equipment. Generally speaking most of BSR’s rebuilds, though dictated by our clients needs, generally take eight to twelve weeks depending on final specifications from the client and back log of work when the order is place.

We exceed on delivering like new equipment with quality service. Equipment often runs day-in, day-out, especially during the busy season, so service is critical. If you are interested in our rebuild service, please contact us for more information.